Auto Rebar Bending System(KBS-10-20 KBS-10-20A KBS-19-6)

Product Features
  • As this machine is for making anchor only , the productivity increases by 3 ~ 5 times.
  • As it is easy to operate , even the apprentice can handle.
  • The feeding & discharging of rebar are automatically done by the motor.
  • It is possible for a single worker to make the anchor in such size of 5 ~10m.
  • There is no angle difference even in large amount of rebar works.
  • It is simple to install and to move the machine.
  • The supply of parts & after-sales service are readily available by means of 100% localization.


Product Specifications
Model KBS-10-20 KBS-10-20A KBS-19-6
Power consumption (kw) Total power consumption (kw) 9.2kw Total power consumption (kw) 11.2kw Total power consumption (kw) 11.2kw
HEAD 5.5kw X 1 HEAD 7.5kw X 1 HEAD 7.5kw X 1
Supple table 1.5kw X 1 Supple table 1.5kw X 1 Supple table 1.5kw X 1
Compressor 2.2kw X 1 Compressor 2.2kw X 1 Compressor 2.2kw X 1
Electric 380V 3Phase 380V 3Phase 380V 3Phase
Bending capacity (SD400 standard) D10 ~ D16 D10 ~ D19 D19 ~ D25
Bending angle 15˚~ 180˚ 15˚~ 180˚ 15˚~ 180˚
Working speed 3.2sec/180˚ 9.5rpm 3.2sec/180˚ 9.5rpm 3.2sec/180˚ 9.5rpm
Supply Table Speed 49m/min 49m/min 49m/min
Loading capacity (kg) 2,000kg 2,000kg 2,000kg
Width of roller 228mm 228mm 131mm
Dimensions (m/m)(L×W×H) 9,050mm×2,300×1,050 9,050mm×2,300×1,050 9,050mm×2,300×1,050
Weight (kg) 1,500kg 1,500kg 1,500kg
Efficiency / No.of bars at one time
Model\bar dia (mm) KBS-10-20 KBS-10-20A KBS-19-6
D10 D13 D16 D19 D19 D22 D25
SD-400 20 15 11 6 6 4 2
Fix roller Ø50 Ø64 Ø78 Ø78 Ø74 Ø84 Ø94
Rotary roller Ø124 Ø103 Ø82 Ø73 Ø108 Ø94 Ø78
Minimun Length for Bending (Anchor)

Rebar 13mm 180˚- Bending (Minimum Length 320mm)

Rebar 13mm 90˚- Bending (Minimum Length 270mm)

Bending work for D22mm 4 pcs