Auto Rebar Bending System(KBS-25-5 KBS-25-5A)

Product Features
  • Dividing the existing 5 head bending machine (KBS-25-2-5) in separate 2 head & 3 head, it is possible to execute its two independent bending works. (It is the high tech Automatic Rebar Bending System that has an capability to perform as the role of two bending machines, by maximizing a spatial application & operational efficiency.)
  • The productivity of rebar bending may increase in comparing with the standing system by 4 through 7 times more.
  • When it is needed to replace the roller during operation, you can change it by adjusting Sub Control Box without having to go to Main control Box.
  • This is easy to control so that even the unskilled workman can operate it with facility.
  • It is easy to change the form of rebar bending into various other types (Refer to the kinds of steel bending)
  • All the parts and components of the entire machine can be manufactured 100% domestically. So, we can provide all the necessary parts and after-sales services.
  • A perfect automatic rebar processing system can be achieved with the combination of automatic rebar cutting and bending system.
  • The head part of the machine can be moved through the special conveyor.


Product Specifications
Power consumption (kw) (kw) 15kw Head unit 1.8kw X 5
Supply table 0.75kw X 1 (KBS-25-5A)
1.5kw X 1
Compressor 3.75kw X 1
Electric 220V/380V 3Phase  
Bending capacity D10~D25  
Bending angle 15˚~ 180˚  
Working speed 5sec/180˚ 6.3rpm  
Supply table speed 5.49m/min  
Loading capacity (kg) 2,500kg  
Dimensions (m/m)(L×W×H) 10,000×2,400×1,400 L:possible adjustment
Weight (kg) 5,000kg  
Efficiency / No.of bars at one time
Bar dia (mm) D-10 D-13 D-16 D-19 D-22 D-25 Remarks
Bending Q’TY 9 7 5 2 1 1 SD400
Available roller specs Ø39 Ø52 Ø62 Ø74 Ø84 Ø94 SD400
One Day Productive Capacity (8hr)
Patterns Bar dia (mm) One time bending Q’ty Per hour bending Q’ty one day Bending Q’ty One day bending weight Remarks
D-10 9 pieces 810 pieces 810×8=6480 7,200kg SD400
D-13 7 pieces 630 pieces 630×8=5040 10,000kg SD400
D-16 5 pieces 450 pieces 450×8=3600 16,000kg SD400
D-25 1 pieces 130 pieces 130×8=1040 24,000kg SD400
Bending patterns