CEO Message
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We will make all our efforts to produce the machines with better quality, high durability and more competitiveness.

We, KUNWOO Machinery Co., Ltd. have been producing the Rebar Processing Machines (Rebar Cutter & Rebar Bender) only for many years since the establishment in 1996. With the belief to contribute to Korean construction industry , we are making every effort for the cost reduction, productivity enhancement on the construction site.
With our constant research & develoment and aggressive investment, we produce various kind of machines in better durability and in high productivity. More, we succeeded to develop the Automatic rebar Cutting & Bending System in 2001 and , we have been receiving favorable reputations from many customers.

We are making all our efforts to expand the overseas market , not satisfied
with a domestic market.

Through the globalization of our products , our customers in more than 20 countries have been using our machines well.
By developng products in better quality , with durability and price competitiveness , we will surely make strenuous efforts to bring happiness to the customer.

All of our staff bow our head and give a firm promise.

CEO ceo Na Inchan