Rebar Cutter(KMC-42A)

Product Features
  • A fast and powerful Cutter adopting a multilevel gear and a flywheel.
  • Emphasis on safety using an iron guide in Cutting.
  • The blades made of special material seldom wear away.
    You can also use 4 sides of the blade with I set.
  • Strong and firm with a durable driving gear and a powerfully welded structure.
    Lightweight, easily portable and applicable in any place.
  • So easily controlled with one-touch Machine that even a nonprofessional can operate it.
  • The lubricants filled in the internal gear of crank and the driving make them free of gear friction and noise while in operation
  • Since the blade is as wide as 165cm this is more than appropriate in the simple automation operation


Product Specifications
Model dia Moter Electrics Blade width Dimension (m/m) Weight Remarks
KMC-42A 41mm 3.75kw/5HP 220V/380V 50/60HZ 3Phase 166mm 980 710 1,470 1,150kg  
Efficiency / No.of bars at one time
Model m/m D10 D13 D16 D19 D22 D25 D29 D32 D41 Remarks
KMC-42A 14 11 7 5 4 2 1 1 1 SD 400