Semiautomatic Rebar Cutting System(KMC-42AS)

Product Features
  • When installing this machine connected with the manual rebar cutter, the productivity can be enhanced 3 times more than the existing manual type.
  • The feeding & discharging of rebar is automatically controlled , by using the motor in the conveyor.
  • The adjustment of measurement and clamping works can be available at a time at the place of the machine, which can improve the flow of works.
    (The operator must move to the cutting distance in order to do the clamping works in the existing method.)
  • There is no tolerance of rebar length as the stopper is built strongly.
  • The work efficiency & productivity are enhanced as the discharge of rebar is same as the automatic up & down method.
  • The function such as forwarding, backwarding & discharging of rebar can be controlled systematically, by installing the sub-control box in the main unit.


Product Specifications
Power consumption (kw) 8.25kw Head unit 3.75kw×1
Feed conveyor unit 0.75kw×3
Compressor 2.25kw×1
Electric 220V / 380V 3Phase
R P M 27rpm
Feed conveyor speed 39mm/min
Blade width 166mm×80×35
Cutting length (mm) 500 (min) ~ 6,000 (max)
Loading capacity 2,000kg
Dimensions (m/m) (L×W×H) 18,000mm×2,600×1,350
Weight (kg) 6,000kg

Up / Down method of discharge (Front discharge)

Stopper Device

Control Panel

Sub-Control Box

Easy control of measurement