Auto Rebar Bending System(KBS-16-2)

Product Features
  • The productivity of rebar bending may increase in comparion with the standing system by through 7 times more.
  • It is suitable for U bending 'dia. less 16mm rebar' which has hte both ends anker.
  • When it U bend 'dia. 10mm rebar' possible minimum processing bending width is 90mm. Please refer to the pictures.
  • The operation is easy to handle so unskilled people is easy to operate this machine.
  • When you do the bending, there is no movement of head parts so that it is easy for precision bending.


Product Specifications
Power consumption (kw) 5.85kw Head 1.8kw×2
Oil tank 1.5kw
Compressor 0.75kw
Electric 220V / 380V 3Phase
Bending capacity D10~D16
Bending angle 15˚~ 135˚
Working speed 2.5sec/135˚ 8.1rpm
Loading capacity (kg) 1,000kg
Dimensions (m/m)(L×W×H) 2,000mm×1,600×1,300
Weight (kg) 1,050kg
For example (Ø10, Mini bending)

EFFICIENCY / No. of bars ot one time
bar dia (mm) Bending Q’TY Bending angle Fix roller Revolving roller Remarks
D-10 6 15˚~135˚ Ø30 Ø70 SD400
D-13 4 15˚~120˚ Ø30 Ø70 SD400
D-16 2 15˚~120˚ Ø30 Ø70 SD400