Auto Rebar Cutting System(KMC-60DS:Touch Screen Type)

Product Features
  • Thid KMC-60DS has an interactive touch screen operating and cintrol typr which is changes form toggle switch type in a main control box.
    Working process is display is displayed on the screen. Operators easily, accurately can operate machine.
  • The machine has a self diagnosis alarm function. So, Operators can exactly and promptly respond to the working situation.
  • If you want to operate “continued 10 time cuttings for 1 meter lenrh”. only one touch in the screen can make it.
  • Cutting length control method adopt a “ball-screw feeding” way. The tolerance of cutting length is with-in ±0.5mm.
  • If the cutting tolerance will be more than 2mm, autonmatically machine;s working(cutting works)is stopped.
  • So, the oder of size (length) could be revised. And then, exact cutting works could be cintinued.

  • There is an equipment of cushion shock adsorbber.
  • It reduce the impact birden of the machine, when rebars bump to the stopper.


Product Specifications
Power consumption (kw) 24kw Head unit 7.5kw×1
Feed conveyor unit 1.5kw×2
Supply table unit 1.5kw×4
Compressor 7.5kw×1
Electric 220V / 380V 3Phase
R P M 27rpm
Feed conveyor speed 49mm/min
Blade dimension 300mm×100×50
Cutting length (mm) 600 (min) ~ 12000 (max)
Supply table speed 7.2m/min
Loading capacity (kg) 6000kg
Dimensions (m/m) (L×W×H) 26,500mm×3,460×1,740
Weights (kg) 10,000kg
Efficiency / No.of bars at one time
bar dia (mm) D10 D13 D16 D19 D22 D25 D29 D32 D35 D38 D41 Remarks
SD400 27 19 15 11 9 7 5 4 2 2 1  
SD500 26 16 13 9 7 5 4 3 2 1 1  

Menu of touch screen