Auto Rebar Bending System(KBS-42TW)

Product Features
  • Easy to adjust theBending angle.
  • Capable of operating in both right and left side.
  • Appropriate for the large-scale engineering works.
  • The inside movement, after Bending, leaves no jam error due to the jam-prevention device.
  • The fixation device for the precise Bending installed.


Product Specifications
Power consumption (kw) 12.5kw Bending unit 5.5kw X 2
Transfer equipment 1.5kw X 2
Electric 220V / 380V 3Phase
Bending capacity D10~D41
Bending angle 15˚~ 180˚
Supply table speed 7.2m/min
Bending speed high speed 3.6sec/180˚
low speed 6sec/180˚
Loading capacity (kg) 2,500kg
Shaft distance Min 1.1m Max 11.5m
Dimensions (m/m)(L×W×H) 13,000mm×2,500×1,450
Weight (kg) 5,000kg
Efficiency / No.of bars at one time
bar dia (mm) D-13 D-16 D-19 D-22 D-25 D-29 D-32 D-41 Remarks
Bending Q’TY 4 3 3 2 2 1 1 1 SD400
Change roller for large-angle bending
Model Revolution arm Large-angle roller Bending capacity
KMB-42H R 150
R 200
R 250
R 300
R 350

Clock wise type

Anti clock wise type