Rebar Straightening & Cutting Machine(KSC-13)

Product Features
  • As the control box is the Touch-Screen type, the operator can do work more easily and exactly.
  • By inputting the cutting length & quantity of cutting (up to the five kinds) in advance, the work will be done automatically, which can manage the workers and working time more efficiently.
  • Adopting a hydraulic power enables the machine to enhance the cutting capacity and durability.


Product Specifications
Power consumption (kw) 55.2kw Winch Motor 1.5kw X 1
Rebar transfer motor 22kw X 1
Roller rotation motor 18.5kw X 1
Oil tank 11kw X 1
Compressor 2.2kw X 1
Electric 220V / 380V 3Phase
Rebar feeding speed 30 ~ 90m/min
Blade width 40 X 40 X 22
Cutting length (mm) 100 ~ 10,000mm
Rebar cutting allowance ±3mm
Cutting capacity (SD400) D10, D13
Dimensions (m/m) (L X W X H) 3,340mm X 900 X 2,300
Weights (kg) 3,000kg
Main Unit & REbar Loading Table