Rebar Coupler System (KCP-41)

Product Features
  • Advanced mechanical equipment applied with elaborate and exquisite technology.
  • The optimized machine for growing demand in the field of mechanical splicing of rebar.
  • Cost reduction by simple construction, increase of company profit by the effect of construction period reduction.


Product Specifications
Power consumption 42kw Swaging 18.5kw
Chamfering motor 9.2kw
Rolling motor 11.25kw
Conveyor 0.75kw
Compressor 2.25kw
Power 220V / 380V 3PH
Swaging time 8 sec/cycle
Chamfering time 10 sec/cycle
Rolling time 5 sec/cycle
Available rebar length 1,000 ~ 9,000 mm
Max. processing capability 16 ~ 41 mm
Loading capacity of feeding table 3,000kg
Dimensions (L×W×H) 10,500mm × 5,000 × 1,300
Weight 5,000kg
Working process